• Shut up, moron!!!!!! ;-)
  • It's happening to me as we speak yo...
  • I have ABed while tired/grumpy...and yes, unfortunately, it DID affect the quality of my Q's and A's. So I try not to do that...
  • yeap and nope
  • Oh yes. No, I let it loose in a bunch of arguments, and it was very satisfying. :P
  • I try and cultivate right action in every aspect of my life... Sometimes I am better than at others but If I offend anyone... I am quick to do my best to make ammends and make it right. Problem is... Not everyone is as fast to forgive me, as I can them. : O (
  • I have ABd a lot here lately when I have been sick which makes me in a bad mood but normally I do control my anger UNLESS I am extremely provoked and then it doesn't matter if I am in a bad mood or not, I will speak my mind. There are certain topics and things that will get me heated and then I will not be quiet..things I am very passionate about. If someone calls me a bad parent or talks about something I am passionate about like abusing an animal, etc. I will not be quiet. but normally, I will just not respond
  • I was pretty upset awhile ago, over a comment. I don't think I let it show the way I could have. I'm pretty docile on here, I think.
  • I remember one night, I was really in a bad mood. But , I knew if I just kept on trucking, you guys would cheer me up. It worked!
  • Yes, I have ABed in a bad mood. And I almost let it get the best of me, especially when I was attacked by bigots. But, I took a deep breath, and carefully worded my response so I wouldn't get PBd. Pretty much anytime I see someone spewing hatred and lies and attacking others, it pisses me off. But I bite my tongue and flag/report them. When I see their vile Q&A rejected/removed, that's the best revenge.
  • Yes, admittedly, I AB everyday and so I bring everyday with me. I try to communicate here in a way that is honest and true but never negative and nasty. I feel no need to project anything ugly onto the site. In fact, AB'ing has helped lifted my spirits at times because my friends are so amazing :)
  • I'm always in a bad mood. I have chronic pain, have had it for years - used to be any little thing would set the old bull raging, now I just stoically plod onward. I actually DO answer questions rudely, sarcastically, with venom and hatred and all of the vile stinginess of a tyrant. Usually that is my 'first draft. I end up clearing what I wrote then set about saying similar things but in a 'nice way'. ;-)
  • Oh jeez yeah. I've had some unfortunate ABers stumble into the crossfire.
  • i havent been on here while in a bad mood. i dont think i could be on here and stay in a bad mood. =)~
  • No..I have always been in a good mood when I click on. However, during the course of an AB session I might get in a bad mood due to the type of interaction I encounter..rare, but it happens. When I find myself getting angry, I go away till the next day! :) Staying on AB when you're in a really bad mood is quite selfish because you are saying you don't give a dam* what you're throwing out there to others, you just want to vent by gosh and that's all that counts. I don't do that! :) ((hugs))
  • Sometimes, I'm in a bad mood when I log on, or it develops because of Answerbag itself. When this happens, people can tell. I spend a lot of my time picking fights when I'm in a bad mood, and I occasionally go on a downrating spree.
  • No, but I have ABed when I was very tired and started making stupid mistakes and saying things I normally wouldn't say. I watch that a lot more closely now.

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