• There was a family living in Rockville MD and the man had been married three times and widowed twice and he had a total of 35 kids. They all either had red hair, blonde hair or brown hair depending on their mother. mr Bill
  • Eleven-a family I deal with at work.
  • I know a woman with nine, pregnant again, who absolutely does not use nor would consider using birth control. They are well-mannered, well-cared for children. On the other hand, their family is so pushed for space, time with each child, money, and attention, that I feel sorry for the children. The mother also donated a kidney to her ailing father, and has had four children since then. Pregnancy is hard on a body, and I worry that she will orphan all of those children. The older children have a younger child "assigned" to them to make sure everything is taken care of for them. I personally do not like this practice. She also dresses them alike, which I find creepy. The oldest is 14. My guess is he doesn't get a choice in whether or not he is "displayed" with his brothers and sister.
  • My father was one of a family of 14 children who survived to adulthood. His mother had a total of 20 children, but some didn't survive infancy. She didn't have 20 pregnancies because she had several sets of twins and triplets.
  • Friend of mine is one of 21 kids all from the same parents.
  • My aunt has 5
  • 17 kids. I have 5.
  • They now have 20 children. And the missus is pregnant with #21. Oh but, as for personally, parents with no more than 7 children. Well, she may have become pregnant since last I saw her. That was a few years ago.

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