• County is is blue..I think their moto is..sit in parking lots and hide through your shift..LOL :)
  • they wear black and the moto is no crime makes us hungry
  • Light blue shirts, dark blue jackets and pants. Motto: "Uphold the Right"
  • The whole Country wears the same colour uniform navy with either Blue or White shirts
  • Straight Black.
  • City wears black (or extremely dark blue - can't really tell) and their motto is probably "Don't do crap". County sheriff's deputies wear brown. I don't know what their motto is. And, of course, you've got the New York State Police, who wear gray. Dunno what their motto is, either.
  • black and sometimes they wear yellow/orange t-shirts, or the light blue shirts.
  • They where black collared shirts and their motto is: "To Ensure the Safety ans Security for Each Person in Our Community."
  • Police in my city wear solid black with bus driver hats and motto is Together, making a safer community. City next to us is all black, too. County wears black with grey trim and smokey bear hats, state wears icky green with smokey bear hats. I wear light brown/dark brown. It correctional officer, not police, but is still law enforcement. Our motto is care, custody and control.
  • My small town only has a resident state trooper. He wears a navy blue uniform. "Protect and Serve" also.
  • Ours is to "wake up and be served" why they continue to have those stains on the uniforms.
  • The Edmonton Police Service wear uniforms that are nearly all black, except for a red stripe that runs down the sides of the pant legs. It used to consist of a very light grey shirt and black pants, with a yellow stripe down the sides of the pant legs, but they changed it about ten years ago. Their motto is "Committed to Community Needs." They drive white Crown Victorias, decorated with blue and red signage that simply says "POLICE" on the side of the vehicle. (((((POLICE))))), hope you are well. See you Friday dearest friend! :)
  • our country wears a darkish blue uniform, with pale blueish shirts.
  • They are black. Their motto is: "We don't care if your daddy IS a lawyer"
  • Sheriff's dept...khaki police dept...dark blue Motto is, apparently, "It ain't what ya do, it's who ya know". They take curruption to a whole new level and are a detriment to REAL law officers.
  • Here is a picture of the official uniform but they don't wear this daily. Only special occasions. I haven't got close enough to pay attention to what they wear daily.
  • We serve & protect Grundy county Illinois they have light brown or kahki uniforms the sheriff and sgt have white shirts, I don't know about the rest of them I only look at the cute ones Love them guys!
  • French Blue shirt and black pants in my department, no motto. A neighboring jurisdiction is all black, and still another wears white shirts and navy blue pants. Yuck! What would posess a department to authorize white shirts? They are impossible to keep clean and you can been seen four miles away.

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