• read with them...
  • Depends on the age group of child. By encouraging with chocolate Offering some reward or gift on achievement Restricting the TV & internet timings Proper guidance for the benefits of education in life.
  • I would start by reading to them and making it fun.
  • Children have this natural ability of aping the things they see in their adults. They do it from tiny babies. **That is the same reason all these people assume that their infant is a genius and actually talking at 2 months old! The best way to teach a child to do ANYTHING... Is to first let them, watch you do it first. Read to them... Let them try and help you. My kids are linguists... Simply because they grew up emmersed in my own language tapes. They have absolutely no idea why.
  • I'd start by reading to them plus they'd see me reading all the time. Also introduce them to Dr Suess
  • I would take the children to the nearest library and let them pick out picture books for themselves.
  • Begin by teaching them the alphabet. Read to them daily, pointing out each word as you pronounce it. Let them see you read on your own all the time. Take them to bookstores and libraries. My son had a library card when he 3 years old..yes, he could order to obtain a card he had to be able to print his name. Teaching your child to read at an early age insures love of books which leads to love of learning and gives a kid a much better experience in school and a much better life.
  • I think they learn by watching you. You read to them when they are a baby and they see you reading. You tell them stories with enthusiasiam*Spelling* they will want to do the same. I did that and my son LOVES to read. He said "I love going places and i don't even have to leave the house. "

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