• Not only should be, but is. All of the founding father's paperwork and stuff is in English. I could imagine John Adams telling T. Jefferson we should put a language rider in the Constitution. He would whap Adams with that yellow paper, stating, "What, and waste ink? We are speaking English, all these papers are in English, why should we have to state the obvious?" Kind of like "Babe," remember? He put his pig in the contest because nowhere in the official rule book does it state that it must be a sheepdog. It seems by calling it a Sheepdog Competition just isn't clear enough. Or, in other words, the obvious sometimes shouldn't have to be stated.
  • As an Aussie, I thought it already was. That doesn't mean that other languages cannot be used within their communities though, or that other languages should not be taught in schools. Some of the particular things that make American Engish distinctive come from the minorities eg vocabulary and grammar eg I am going by the shop. (we say TO the shop). This is from the German bei (at or to) American Indian: hickory, pecan, sequoia, caucus, totem, igloo, kayak, squash (also idioms like "bury the hatchet," "go on the war path") French: bayou, levee, depot, cache, prairie, rapids, bureau, voyage, cent, dime Spanish: barbecue, chocolate, tomato, alfalfa, coyote, mustang, bronco, canyon, mesa, rodeo, ranch Dutch: Brooklyn, Harlem, Bronx, waffle, coleslaw, cookie, landscape, sleigh, Santa Claus, Yankee, boss, hay, stoop German: kindergarten, hamburger, frankfurter, noodle, pretzel, sauerkraut, lager, seminar, semester Italian: pizza, pasta, spaghetti, espresso, broccoli, zuchini Yiddish: bagel, lox
  • MO just passes a law stating that English is the official language of MO now.. I think EVERY STATE should pass it. This is America.. we speak English and have for hundreds on years. Anyone who comes to this country should have to learn our language or not be able to communicate. We waste more taxpayer dollars making roadsigns in Spanish, and books in SPanish and how much money goes toward hiring translators or bi lingual operators for the US companies. It's BS. It should be the official language special signs, no books, no interpretors..none.. speak English..or don't communicate
  • There is no need to make English the official language of the United States because most of the population speak English which make English the country's de facto official language.
  • it is aint it.
  • Yes, English should be the official language in this particular respect: it should be the official language of certain types of federal legal documents (not all such documents). It should be the language used in Congress. etc. Additionally, I think English fluency ought to be mandatory in schools. That is to say: that all schools should be required to TEACH fluency in English. (They shouldn't have to all USE English.) Probably another good "regulation" would be that all high school graduates have to demonstrate fluency in English in order to receive a diploma. . . . . BUT...the whole "official language" thing NEEDS to be limited in scope. Why? Because we are not England. Because so very many of our ancestors and citizens historically were not native English-speakers. Because we accepted them then, regardless of their language, and doing so is one of the things that helped us to become a "great nation". So - for example - if a public school in a majority-Spanish-speaking neighborhood decides that it makes sense to teach in Spanish, good for them. They still have to teach English fluency, of course, but if they can be more successful at educating their students by speaking Spanish, then that's what they should do. Similarly: in a court proceeding in which all parties involved are Spanish-speakers, it makes sense to allow the court to address the case in Spanish. Yes, even a Federal court. Etc. In other words: the "official language" thing needs to be limited in such a way that it will NOT hinder government institutions from fulfilling their goals to the best of their ability.

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