• Christians usually preach that temptation is natural, if not directly the influence of the Devil; but its our conscious ability/choice to overcome them and refuse them that make us virtuous. But Catholics, particularly the Church, have a slightly different take. Even having a stray thought can be regarded as a sin. Atheists preach there is no such thing as sin, and therefore no objective standard. Hedonists preach that there is nothing more virtuous than indulgence, their approach of no such thing as denying spiritual supremacy or holding yourself to higher standards than animals. The two are hardly different. Priests take a vow of celibacy. Hedonists, a vow of adultery; and atheists whatever vow they wish, because there is no reason to uphold it if it becomes an inconvenience later.
  • I'll put it out there this way. If you are human being then one will have feelings and emotions. This does not come from God OR the devil but from how your brain processes thoughts and images. If you see someone that is attractive then you will think that. I do not know if hiding these feelings for so long would affect such natural behaviour, possibly. what i do not understand if God is such a good chap then why would he deprive his direct servants from such pleasures (please dont give me this "they only serve for god" crap)? Why cant someone have such thoughts? I would have thought that given their status with the lord he would put them in the box seat for "sinfull behaviour" such as loving a woman as they work for, love and follow him? Live their life or service for him/her/it? Oh, and one other thing:), If you ask me, this is some stupid system that the vatican has imposed on their priests so that they "wont get led astray" (down little boys pants for example). Sorry, I really am and realize that its a stereo type and its not fair on those faithfull to their religion, but at the end of the day, I wonder just how many such cases that we have (or not yet) head of would have happened if such stupid laws would not be in place. And another point on this? Yes, Jesus and God love you. Theire not IN love with you?
  • The Catholic Church, I believe, thinks it is ok for a priest to love a woman but without confessing it to anyone but his priest, and that he should try to look at her in an unsexual way and love her like all others. He also must not voluntarily masturbate for her; this is a sin. However, if he finds himself that he cannot but love and be with her, he should leave priesthood. Sara Abram
  • I don't think God ever really intended for priests to serve him without love and marriage. Being a man, priests have feelings like anyone else. Of course they can fancy a woman. Yes, a priest could fall in love with a woman. Have you ever seen The Thornbirds? If not, go rent it. It was a beautiful love story.
  • 1) "There's that word again: irony. This is a big part of it. So is conflict. It may not be humorously ironic that a priest fall in love withe a woman, as happened in the hit miniseries and novel "The Thorn Birds", but it is still ironic and filled with conflict and drama. "A priest falls in love" is all you need to imagine all sorts of scenes, problems, and conflicts. Why? Because the job description entails responsibilities that directly conflict with the event - and the flaw. A priest is charged with caring for the spiritual needs of those around him, in a fatherly, asexually loving way. Falling in love and having an affair runs directly counter to that responsibility and image." Source and further information: "The Screenwriting Formula By Rob Tobin""a+priest+fall+in+love"&source=bl&ots=NUtROWn4NW&sig=51z63s1T4IsV05cAKoekiIAEJU8&hl=en&sa=X&oi=book_result&resnum=6&ct=result#PPA162,M1 2) "Priest banned for falling in love: In the latest in a series of sexual scandals in the Roman Catholic Church, a priest who declared his love for a woman has been banned from hearing confessions and removed from his pastoral duties. Even though he remains a priest and can still say Mass, the effective dismissal of Father Sante Sguotti from his parish in Monterosso near Padua in northern Italy comes soon after another parish priest near the pilgrimage site of Lourdes in France was forced out because he had a girlfriend. Catholic worshippers in Asson in south-west France had heard Father Léon Laclos confess that he was having a sexual relationship with one of his parishioners and his contention that being in love had brought him closer to his congregation and to God. Both clergy had support from large numbers of their parishioners. The debate could ultimately threaten the Catholic Church in the same way that the row over homosexuality is splitting the Anglican Communion, although the stronger hierarchical structure of the Catholic Church means that in the short-term, it will withstand the dissent without schism, even if the laity and clergy are discontent." Source and further information:
  • " He's human all humans make mistakes!!"
  • A catholic priest is human so yes. I think it is better to accept normal human emotions rather than fight them thus turning normality into perversion. I dont see anything wrong with "falling in love" no matter who you are.
  • Therein lies the plot of many tawdry novels.
  • This is possible. I knew of a young handsome priest who worked at an all girls school...poor guy had to transfer, the girls were going CRAZY!
  • Unusual, yes, but not unheared of; although, normally, priests prefer to go for altar boys
  • It's possible BUT If the priest has faith he will lean on his faith so that he doesn't follow through with his "feelings" and realize that his position and faith come first.
  • He is human, and yes he could fall in love. But in the position he is in, he needs to remember that and lean on his faith and what guided him to where he is now. Rather it is okay or not..I am not Catholic so can't really say rather or not its okay. But as a christian Iknow we all are tempted ....just the matter of not following the temptation
  • yes and yes. heck, go for it. love is love. no matter what.
  • It's okay with me.
  • YES , it would make a nice change from altar-boys.
  • It is not ok to the church. And I have seen it happen a lot. One particular priest really fell in love and left the priesthood. The two immigrated to the US to escape the disgrace of being defrocked.
  • That's different, I thought they only fancied little boys.
  • It's not abnormal, but he took vows not to act on his attraction. As a humorous priest I once knew said, "I may be on a diet, but that doesn't mean I can't look at the menu!"

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