• Ed could live in a two bedroom apartment. Why is he so worthy of being rescued? What about Mr and Mrs Jones with five kids?
  • Trump is playing it like he is doing this out of the kindness of his heart and he knows that he can sell that story to the general public pretty easily. All he has done is the equivilant of a reverse mortgage..The man did not get wealthy by doing things out of the kindness of his has to be profitable for him as well. :)
  • They are both egotists. If one idiot wants to spend his money to bail out another I have no problem with it.
  • Maybe Ed could fill out one of those Publisher's Clearing House contest forms. I don't feel sorry for him. He squandered his money like so many of us (including me.)
  • Six Bedroom, Beverly Hills, -- does he take in boarders? What is Trump doing for the rest of the country--people who are really in trouble?
  • Friends helping friends. Why isn't the question "Why aren't friends and family members helping those in need?" Just because a rich guy helps out another rich guy, doesn't mean some poor guy is harmed.
  • Trump will get PLENTY of money when the time comes to sell Ed's place. And, it is HIS money, afterall. He can do what he pleases with it. Besides, it wouldn't do any good to bail everyone out of their financial problems anyway. People would just get right back into trouble! We need to EDUCATE people, not save them.
  • Why doesn't he just sell it and get a smaller house? He's old. He doesn't need 6 bedrooms.
  • First I need to know whether McMahon was a charitable man when he had money. Was he one of those rich types always complaining about taxes? If so, then no help. ..If he was among the compassionate rich then maybe he deserves some help -- though why he needs six bedrooms must have an interesting answer.
  • Trump isn't the government. He can do what he chooses. And, you don't know...maybe he gives money to charity to help other people...who knows.
  • I don't feel sorry for McMahon in the the least. He can just sell his mansion and live in a perfectly nice smaller home somewhere else. So, no I don't think Trump should bail him out. I don't think anyone who chooses such an ostentatious and elaborate lifestyle should be bailed out. They just need to scale down and live like the rest of us. And that's a pretty decent life.
  • One guy helping another is really no one else's business but the two parties involved. Trump is not a government program.
  • It's his money to do with what he wants. Plus, there may be more to it than him just handing money over to Ed.

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