• Vets are unsettled on this issue. For males (neutering) it is as low as 8 weeks (2 months old) to 6 months old - depending on which vet you speak to. For Females (spaying) some have argued that waiting until their first heat leads to a healthier dog since important hormones are released which 'finish' the growth processes. If he is humping he most likely is fertile. Is she? Hard call to make. Females need to go through heat in order to 'catch' - if she is not spotting and showing signs of being in heat, then he is just 'having fun'. although males go wild around females in heat they can (and do as most people know first hand) hump anything or anyone any time of the year. If in doubt, then separate them and then take them to a vet, explain the problem and he can either fix one or both of them to make certain that there are no puppies.
  • just seperate them until you can get them fixed, you shouldve gotten two boys or two girls

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