• I dont i put the time in hee hee
  • I don't :))) But you know sometimes I have to do something constructive or I would go mad.
  • I wish I had enough money that I didn't "have" to work. But, I'd have to do something to keep busy or I'd go nuts. When I had to take a 6 week medical leave 3 years ago, I called my doctor after 2 weeks and begged to go back to work....I have a desk job! But he said no. I thought I was going to go insane having do nothing!
  • No.I'd be bored to death if I had nothing to do.
  • Actually, when I was working, before I retired, I was apprehensive about no longer working. Why? Because all my life I've worked very hard...I always thought my job defined me and if I didn't have one, then, well, what contribution would I be making? How useful would I be without my work? What would I have to talk about? Well, was I ever wrong! Retirement is great and Jim and I cannot figure out how we fit full-time jobs into our lives. I was relieved to find out that I was not defined by my job and that there was a heckuva lot more to me than what I did for a living! So, to answer your question, when I worked I enjoyed it and didn't wish I didn't have to do that I'm retired I enjoy it and don't wish to have another job! :) ((hugs))
  • Um, not really. Maybe at times when I got fed up with my bosses (past and present), but that was just a knee jerk reaction. I love to work. I was unemployed at some point in the past, and it really sucked. I felt so useless at that time. But of course, like many people I know, I would love to work for myself. I'm thinking of establishing my own small business. Right now, however, I still have to save money for it.

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