• Loneliness has to catch up eventually.
  • That was my mindset for staying single. I was just coming out of a BAD relationship in 2001 & stayed single & LOVED it. I didn't have anyone telling what to do, where to go, how to dress. I was 27 @ the time & my son was 8 so I wasn't lonely. I just enjoyed MY life for once & havign the freedom to do what I wanted w/o someone always wanting to tag along. I have had a history of being w/ controlling men (not necessarily abusive, but insecure) & was glad to be free. Somehow I managed to get my bills paid on time (never happened when I was w/ some guy telling me which bils to pay 1st) & was able to tell someone to get out of my house when I was sick of their crap.
  • well i am sure having fun being single.
  • I was worried about asking out a girl at primary school. I did and now we are approaching our 7th aniversary
  • yeahh! i know that i do, so its deff. possible. the stress of relationships gets to be too stressful sometimes.
  • yep - thats me! :D
  • That sounds a lot like me --- hey wait!! Are you callin' me lazy? :D
  • I think some people do yes. It is easier to cope with lonliness than heartache - epsecially if your the type to fall deeply in love easily. Its our self preservation mechanism I guess, some people do not live by the rule better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all, they see it as better not to ever experience having a broken heart.
  • If you have the right partner ... life is just as easy i'm sure ... Nothing is better than constant hugs ... and all those hug moments plus ... will only come from a full time lover ... Easy or not ... I will take the lovin thanks :)
  • Whatever works for you. Who is anyone else to judge?
  • We all like to follow the path of least resistance.
  • I wouldn't say being single is necessarily emotionally easier than being in a relationship. However, once one is single, it's a heck of a lot easier to not pursue a relationship than put one's time, effort and ego into a seemingly endless series of rejections. (Not that I'm bitter or anything....;-D...) . . .
  • I wouldn't know honestly.
  • people avoid relationships because they have been hurt and have wised up. i know a few husbands who wish they were single. being married is too complicated.
  • That hasn't been my experience. Those who have had some unhappy relationships may be more cautious..that's understandable. But I think people welcome's the commitment that comes later they try to avoid! :) Happy Sunday! :)
  • Two words...HELL YEAH!!!!

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