• Hi Phill. Can you post a link. I haven't heard anything about this. Are they trying to make an example of this guy?
  • Let's see..he was involved in betting on the torture of animals... which ones would survive, which would not can't overdo it. He denied it at first...said he didn't know about it...he got caught dead to rights..if he hadn't been caught he'd still be involved. This guy is a creep..what mercy did he show these animals? Exactly. None! Well, that's the degree of mercy we should show him. They can excoriate him every day until he dies as far I'm concerned and it still won't be enough! :(
  • Hang him HIGH!!!!!!!!!!!! Let everyone see what happens to people like him!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Animal Planet is having a special preview of the story this Sunday. I think it's a great idea because I own pit bulls and I can never own another breed of dog! These dogs go through so much negative stigma because of a-holes like him! It's about time a "famous" person gets what they deserve and doesn't get a slap on the wrist. What he did to those dogs was unbelievable and it makes me sick that people think he deserves a break!
  • I was recently told that animals are legally considered PROPERTY. I say expose animal abuse as much as possible in the hopes that more could be done to protect the innocent, vulnerable creatures that can't protect themselves. I don't see it as ongoing drama. I see it as an ongoing public service announcement to hopefully continue to raise awareness about such an important issue. What that man did was a true atrocity.
  • It is not overdoing it. This type of abuse should be reported and those who harm animals should pay a bigger penalty than the slap on the wrist Vick received.
  • Has he accepted responsability? Is there enough punishment for doing something like that to an otherwise sweet and docile animal? He "apologized and repented." not before getting caught, but after... So anything he said concerning this issue, was prompted by an attorney so I can't respect that. I think they should continue to remind us of how a man who had everything... Every reason to sit back and enjoy the fruits of his God given talents, decided to be greedy and inhuman and stupid in general. He deserves everything he gets and more just for being an idiot! I mean God... The man could almost fly... What good was all his hard work in life and was fighting dogs worth it?
  • They've made an example of him, and may continue to do so. And I do think there are worse ways to be punished for animal cruelty, for instance, where I live theres been someone going around mutilating cats. Im aware that several cat owners in my area are arming themselves to shoot the person, and the adoption rates of big dogs have gone up.

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