• Perhaps you are frequenting places where there aren't as many non-black guys - because in general I think most guys love that beautiful red hair. At one time women (and especially guys) hated their red hair - now it's very much the "in thing", for both sexes. Some of the elder relatives in my family have/had red hair and were laughed at as youngsters, now that red hair is admired and hairdressers are raking it in dying hair red. So enjoy that red hair and the compliments.
  • Well, if you want to go technical. It all depends on you, probably not so much your red hair. Even though its noticeable. Most women are probably mean, sarcastic, and think they're too good for someone. You are probably nice to everyone and that draws the black guys to you in that everyone else attaches stereotypes to them.Then, when they're attracted to you by your niceness, your hair is as much as an attraction as your smile. Both things make you different, if thats the case. I like red hair, because I had reddish hair when I was younger and my hair still appears red if I allow it to grow out ( but I'm crew cut all the way). Hope I didn't make this too complicated.
  • From "Porgy and Bess" by George and Ira Gershwin: "A red-headed woman makes a choo-choo jump its track. A red-headed woman she can make it jump right back. Oh, she's just nature's child; she's got something that drives men wild! A red-headed woman's gonna get you if you're white, yella, or black!"
  • I am not so sure it is black men who fancy red hair but one did call me Princess a few months ago in a McDonald's while I was eating my hotcakes. Hmmm.. he was a Haitian guy working for a car service. Then a week later a white man who happens to be a bus driver engaged in some friendly chat with me. Maybe people who drive for a living just fancy me. I will tell you fancies me... men over 60 years old. From the time I was 18, men who could be my grandfather have a liking for me. Too bad I am not single and none of them are rich like the one Anna Nicole landed.
  • i used to think so but i get compliments from all kinds of people at least 2 to 3xs per week. it used to drive me crazy but now i just say thank you and leave it at that unless they continue and ask me if it's natural. that pees me cuz you can always tell natural from dyed with red hair. (the most compliments i got was when i worked at a nursing home, older people,men and women, really loves red hair)
  • I'm black, I'm kind of indifferent to red hair in itself. Maybe if the girl with red hair is really cool or something about her leads me to be attracted to her, but aside from that...I'd guess it's a coincidence?
  • I love my hair.. I have SO many colours in it, and in the sun it looks fantastic! No matter how many ginger jokes iv got in the past! I can remember when a black boy came to my school when i was younger (year 10) and i wasnt the prettiest out of my little group of friends, and im not near ugly! But he seemed to take an imediate liking to me! Although i do think its all a coinsidence.. !
  • I'm a red head and I get a lot of compliments from wide variety of people. It could be that many black men and I think Hispanic men are a little less reserved in giving compliments to women. Not that they like it more, just less hesitant to tell you about it.
  • I don't think it is a "black" thing. I get looks and compliments from all types of men, but I will say Black and hispanic men are more aggressive in complimenting me. My husband is black and says what he noticed about me first off was my red hair
  • I have red hair...and i am an AFRICAN AMERICAN women and i dont have any shame for it...just see it as being diffrent compared to others...its a sign of unquiness
  • it snot the colour but your personal hair because the like the curt and the style and also the length or the looks of it. ---> they dont mean the colour they mean particulary YOUR hair
  • well i think maybe you shouldn't focus so much on the fact they're complimenting your hair. they're complimenting you. so if someone, namely a guy, compliments you on your hair maybe it's because YOU look good. Good looking people are good looking people, color doesn't matter- hair color or other wise. Maybe you should focus on being confident enough to accept that you are great looking. and i agree with the first guy's answer, everyone likes red haired girls. As long as they're good looking. So take this answer and all the compliments as a confidence boost.
  • I am a black man and I have always found women with red hair, freckels, and the madatory pale skin irresistable, with glasses even better. Mind you they have to be attractive and they usualy are. I always thought it was just personal but you live and learn...
  • well i got natural red hair and i am from iran .here u rarely see a redhead .i am surrounded by black guys .they just cant help staring at me or saying their compliments and i ve got used to it .these guys with black hair just love my red hair .they call me anne shirley.
  • Only the ones who truly marvel and enjoy the stunning range of beauty that are black women. To me there is none sexier than a black woman with red hair and freckles. My best friends and I agree. Today I was in heaven, I saw not one, but two black woman with red hair and freckles. One stunning woman had course hair in an afro, they other, straighter and bold. Women like you should assume there's an attraction, if the guy looks a bit longer than normal its a good thing.
  • Sounds like you answered your own question
  • Skin colour and hair colour are irrelevant.
  • I don't think there's a specific preference, I think it's more due to the fact that since red hair is fairly uncommon, guys are always more likely to be drawn to things that are unusual, no matter what race.

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