• by today's standards DURING jesus's era, he would be liberal by today's standards in TODAY's era, he'd be a conservative :)
  • By today's standards he would be considered a lib activist
  • In my opinion he would be an conservative by todays standards.
  • the book depicts him as both by todays standards in my opinion. very strict on sexual relations but open on issues of politics. heck, the early church was probably the oldest example of socialism (see acts, chapters 4 and 5). i say he'd definitely be considered an activist but both sides would (and do) try to claim him as their own.
  • Perfectly conservative.
  • A radical, wanting to radically change corruption, bigotry, racialism, poverty. The politicians / religious again would have him assassinated and wash their hands of it.
  • A conservative, by today's standards. A radical, by his time's standards.
  • Neither as he could see through the BS of both sides and he would never take sides in anything political.
  • A conservative, mythical character.
  • He'd be pro-life that is for sure.
  • He was against spilling innocent blood (abortion)as the old testament taught against. He was against adultery(though he forgave it) He was against the sins of sodom (homosexuality) He inspired Zachias to give back money he had wrongly taken. He spoke about controlling the sword in your hand not sword control (gun control)(luke 22:36) He sent His apostles into all nations (some might call that an "occupation") Yep He'd be called a conservative. But I dont think you can fit God into our silly political games. He is God, and is above this man made fray.
  • The ideals of liberals 2000 years ago if you want to call them that would be completely different than those who live today. That said compared to the time Jesus was living I would say he would be a liberal, considering the governoring bodies of that day. Morally speaking from a religious point of view and strictly my opinion, Jesus would have been a conservative in regards to practicinf and spreading the word of his faith.
  • He would be whatever pissed off the religious peeps and the government. He definitely would not be a republican of our time. They are for what he was against. He wouldn't be a demarcate for the fact of the abortion and sexuality issues (however I think most of what the liberals stand for represent more of what Jesus did. He was for the people and His Father. He didn't have a personal agenda. And all government is about there own personal agenda and scoring the little guy no matter what the system is. That was not Jesus so he wouldn't tied to one. Just like he was not back in the day.
  • Neither. His teachings make him seem like the original Socialist to me.
  • Neither. He'd recognize the game being played, and would expose it. I suspect He'd be a conservative Libertarian. Check out the 'World's Smallest Political Quiz' and find out where you really stand.
  • I think he'd be considered a socialist.
  • Jesus isn't a political figure that one could call liberal or conservative. But when one takes into consideration all of His teachings found in Scripture and how He walked His talk, one would have to say that He was very conservative in His approach and very steadfast in His stance.
  • Probably an idiot or whack job of sorts
  • Jesus would be neither. He was apolitical
  • He'd be a Libertarian.

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