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  • well Im gonna give you two ways one with out with using the router well since you have the slimline ps2 already your ps2 has what is called a wireless card. "}All you have to do is put in the disk to your computer that come with the router that way your computer reads the wireless connection directly to your wireless router. You can also connect your ps2 slimline edition with what is called the cat5 cable this is where your modem comes into play its either a blue or yellow cable but i heard they come in different colors and i didn't know that well. you need that and your phone jack:; (cable/wire) don't know what to call it but you need that i heard that if you have the ethernet cable the cat5 which usually comes with your internet provider. yout ethernet cable or cat5+phone jack=ps2 "} i hope this will help you"} p.s i'm gonna get a router aswell for my ps2 but mine is the fat onethe fat ps2 the 1st one that came out but i don't know whether i wanna get a wireless router or a wired router but i'm plannig of getting it soon. tell me how it goes or i hope this have helped you did i forget to mention to follow directions o and follow directions when you put the disk in for the computer for your wireless router alright then later peace

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