• you're 11 yet you want a third dog? isn't that a bit unreasonable? how old are your dogs? i can trust that you are responsible like many dog owners but think about it, if you have younger dogs you may just be thinking you want a puppy because of the complete adorableness of them. if your mom gets frustrated because of you "bothering" her, write her a note explaining exactly how you feel. trust me, if she gets time to read out your feelings, she may change her mind. still, getting a THIRD dog can be a bit much, with financial issues and the thought of a third dog may just stress her completly. i really hope this helps! please let me know if you get your adored cocker spaniel!
  • First of all, do you still have the other two dogs? Second, what is your Mom's reason for saying no? Dogs are alot of work. Who takes care of the dog when you are in school? Who pays for the food? Who pays the vet bills? Who pays for the damage a dog does (soiled carpets, chewed on things, etc.? Do you live in a good area to keep a dog? Are you able and willing to take it out every morning before school and time to feed it before school? Take him out after school and play with him? Take him out before you go to bed? It is a big responsibility.These are just some things to think about. Good luck! By the way I love cavalier King Charles spaniels.

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