• lutely! Thank you and congratulations, to all of the AB Community Leaders! You truly make this site a wonderful place and you keep us informed and in-check! This site wouldn't be the same without you. Hugs to all! :D
  • You betcha!!! They have been great!!! :D
  • Congratulations, Community Leaders!!! You guys have definitely made this site cleaner and more organized.
  • Congratulations, Community Leaders. Thank you for leading our community through the pathway of righteousness!
  • Thanks, CLs. You are far underpaid and overworked.
  • WooHoo!!! Congrats CL's, you are doing an amazing job!!!! Thank you for all your help, and always being available to us. YOU ROCK!!!!!!
  • Congrats...woohoo...!!!!
  • O wow, congrats guys. =)
  • I'm too new at AB to give a proper "before and after" response here. However, I sure can say "thank you" for hour upon hour spent at the site ... and for open offers of help or support for newbies (or anyone). Thanks to all. In fact, the name itself is a great one, isn't it? "Community Leaders". HURRAY for all of you! :)
  • Thank you, Andy, Cyndi, Ed, Galeanda, and LynnFromNM for all of your hard work this past year. Keep up the great job, you all! (Looks like you'll need to click on the pic to see it all)
  • . . ... thanks, eh! ... keep up the good work ... .
  • Happy Anniversary & Congratulations on a great and tough job!!
  • All the ones appointed originally aren't still all here. I believe Lyn was from the original crew. Congrats to all of you who do such a great job on behalf of all of us. Thank you for your patience, your goodwill, your focus on making AB a better site for everyone and your sense of have to have a great sense of humor to survive being a CL, I'm sure! Good Job and Happy Tuesday! :) ((hugs))
  • Congrats everyone :)
  • Yes indeed, it would be my pleasure. I haven't even been a regular user for a whole year, but I can't imagine how AB would survive without the CLs. They are hard-working, level-headed, and extremely good at what they do, which I don't think many people realize. It is absolutely unfathomable to me, the amount of junk and drama they eradicate from the site, while still managing to participate and have fun. Congratulations and cheers for the CLs! They are truly a much-needed and greatly-appreciated asset to our AB community. :)
  • Yes i would love to thank them all, especially Galeanda and Andy who have helped me out personally in the past.. but heartiest congrats to you all and thanks for doing a wonderful job!!
  • Congrats to all community leaders. You have helped AB a lot. Thanks . Keep continuing you help,
  • congrats to you all. Job well done!

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