• Respect the most..writers..they play with words Respect the least..photographers, if they are the intrusive, invasive sleezeballs that stalk celebrities
  • I guess I think of it differently - if it's about respecting someone for their work, I believe anyone can be a master at their profession, no matter what it is. And in that case, I couldn't rank purely on what they do, it would depend who they are and how they do it. I can pretty easily imagine circumstances where I might respect a street sweeper more than a CEO, so it's obviously hard to choose between a writer and director, etc. Everyone has their challenges to overcome and the potential for moments of true brilliance.
  • DJ's, singers and rappers I could live without and never miss. The rest could be great or scumbags, good or bad.
  • I respect the ones who do whatever they are doing because they love it, and not just because they want money...
  • I respect anyone who can make a legitimate living doing what he loves and does best. That covers all of the above professions, but doesn't come close to including the cheaters, wannabes, and plunderers that abound.

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