• my boss does that to me... lol i've done it to a friend or two before
  • my husband got navigation in the car and he still does that.. its so annoying specially when im busy with our 2kids when i get lost i all 411
  • I can't remember anyone calling to ask me for directions. I suppose my friends know not to trust my sense of direction, even if I have Mapquest available. On that same note, I had someone help me with directions just earlier today! You'd think I haven't been living in this city for well over a decade!
  • Me, my brother, and our friend got lost once going to a new mall and we werent really supposed to be driving that far anyway, while our parents were in Las Vegas. Needless to say we ended up driving around and getting further away from where we were supposed to be and then we called my godmother and she helped us out XD
  • Aha, not exactly. But I've so done that to my friend with buses. After about an hour of wandering about trying find the bloody number seven, I phoned her and got her to check online which bus I should get. She told me. I proceeded to get on the 'right' bus. It wasn't. Fun times.
  • No because I am one of these peopl that bought a Sat _Nav and it is still in the box that was two months ago. I would get them even more lost, that was Peters job getting us places. I am better in the States than I am in England.
  • No that's something more likely done by my wacky family (myself included!).
  • Yes, I have actually had to do that a few times!
  • I don't think this is such a bad idea. Using text messaging can clarify directions when people have hearing problems.
  • My boyfriend does it all the time! I think men think that women are kind of born with a special locator gene that enables us to find anything any time. The funny thing is that he often asks how to get to a place, but he rarely tells me where he is coming from, and, most of the time, he does not even know!

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