• Charm City Cakes (Have you seen the show about the bakery? It's called Ace of Cakes and it is on the Food Network).
  • Crabs. Enough said.
  • Crabs. Chesapeake Bay with all that yummy seafood
  • The Orioles and crabs.
  • All variation of crab for sure. Anything from straight up crab with old bay or a crab cake is a sure staple of baltimore. Also Natty Boh beer. (National Bohemian) It's not amazing beer or anything, but there is an entire Baltimore subculture based around the winking-man logo and the Natty Boh lifestyle. Also UTZ potato chips are made here, and having grown up here I thought they were just regular potato chips which were sold everywhere, but apparently not. Try to check out Fells Point, Federal Hill, and Canton (all historical and infamous pockets of the city, just East of the tourist-trap Inner Harbor) If you want to see the heart of the city, those are the neighborhoods to go to; they're the best alternatives to the stereotypical Inner Harbor visit. (Little Italy too!) As well as the Mount Vernon/Bolton Hill area, a very art-enriched neighborhood with lots of great restaurants!

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