• Nope. Got evicted by her new husband when I was 9. She didn't care. Now she's old and wants my help. And I don't care.
  • I had a great mom, she listened, she was funny, had a beautiful smile that would make you forget your pain. She was my best friend.
  • I do have a great Mom. It took me a LONG time to fully realize it, but she is a really amazing and admirable person. She has her own "language" of love, care, and compassion, extremely unconventional. She has a hard time expressing herself with words or affection, but she shows love for me, my sister, and my Dad in her own special way. She is thoughtful, super-intelligent, and taught me since I was just a wee PC that thinking for yourself and not "following the crowd" is one of the most important things anyone can hope to do in this life.
  • I do have a good mom. Sure, she can nag and sometimes she treats me like I'm 3, and we don't always agree on social and political issues, but she's one of the biggest sources of support in my life. She feels my joys and when I'm sad does everything she can to cheer me up. She makes me special food whenever I'm home and came down to my house for a week to help fix things up and she's always good for a hug. These things sound shallow, but the hugeness of the love behind her actions is hard to put into words. The older I get the more of a friend she is. She's the second person on my speed dial. Which is maybe another one of the things that makes her good. She'll listen to me and I feel unconditional acceptance.

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