• False. Graffiti has long been recognised as art and an individual graffito can fetch a lot of money in some circles. The late Keith Haring ( is one example of someone who forced the mainstream to admit his graffiti was art.
  • graffiti can be art - just so long as it isn't vandalism, which most of it is.
  • The difference is they are putting their "art" on someone elses property. That is graffti if the "art" is not desired on that surface. People pay big money for art (like on a canvas) but on someone elses property where it is not wanted it is a crime. Shouldn't be very difficult to figure out you artists out there.
  • I may be mistaken, but that's shit.
  • Graffiti is the oldest form of art so you're statement is wrong.
  • In the UK we have a famous graffiti artist called 'Banksy'. His work is highly prized.

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