• The classic movies are always a great theme. One of my favorite dance numbers that my daughter ever did (she did it in competition and took first place for pointe work) was a version of "Singing in the Rain" en pointe. While the other teen dancers did serious versions of various classical pieces, my daughter did an elegant number in a short raincoat with an umbrella as a prop with rhinestones all over the black umbrella. As the light hit it, it looked like it was raining. In the break of the music, the original called for a tap number. She did a faux tap version completely on her toes. The judges went wild for it. There are so many great numbers for jazz and tap from the old black and white movies that many of these kids have never even been exposed too. Try something like "When Your a Jet" for a cool jazz number with a large number of dancers. There are HUGE numbers from the 30s and 40s too...and the costuming is so fun. What about a whole Shirley Temple tribute?
  • 3rd World Theme
  • neon costumes, doing a victorian dance on the top of a bar

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