• Yeah, don't do it.
  • Stay in public places at all times. Have a cell phone on you in case of emergency. Don't let them be alone with any of your food or drink. Use common sense and enjoy yourself. :)
  • this is what i would suggest.. =) all the best
  • Make sure Chris Hanson isn't there first. Just kidding. I wouldn't advise on it, but ya know, public place, make sure someone not coming knows where you are, that sort of thing. Good luck.
  • i forgot where we were suppose to meet :(
  • I've had meet ups with internet contacts before and it always turns out good. Twice I met someone at a restaurant, (with hubby), and twice at group meetings arranged over the internet. Each time resulted in meeting nice people, and making long term contacts.
  • Close your eyes, and go with the flow.
  • Yeah, email your good friend the details :)
  • Sure, tell everyone else on AB what they are like. :)
  • Who are you meeting? Just make sure you stay in a public place and have your cell with you and let someone know where you are going. Have fun and be safe.
  • I've met people on the internet that way, beware ! Bring a can of mace in your purse : )
  • Sounds like you've got it covered, good luck young lady! (Just let Ec and the boys know if we gotta mess somebody up yo...;)
  • say no if they want to play with your mouse.
  • Your bringing a friend along, which means you've obviously thought this through and intend on being careful (which, unfortunately, puts you in the minority). Good luck!
  • I've met people from online friendships and they have always turned out very well. I've even had them in my bed...okay so they were both other ladies and my husband was there, too...okay this is sounding worse and worse LOL!!! Actually it was a fun evening as we watched blooper tapes from a convention they went to and they had driven all across the country just to visit all their internet friends. And I've met up with some at restaurants or truck stops as they travel through the area. Just be cautious but don't think the worse before you meet them. Meet them with joy and excitement:-)
  • Don't have any expectations. You may be disappointed if they are nice OR nasty, and you expected otherwise. Just go as if you are meeting someone from ANYWHERE for the first time. Enjoy yourself. You already have some things in common (AB, and I assume other things, if you are meeting). Talk about them, if you prefer not to give too much information about yourself for a while. MOST people on AB are great people, but you know that. Enjoy yourself. ;-)
  • This is exciting ...good luck and should be fun !!! :)
  • I'm just curious... wouldn't this ABer that you are meeting be interested in this question and answer it?
  • Yeah -- remember that you don't really know someone until you've seen how they behave under stress. That's what separates the seemingly nice folks (who turn evil when there is trouble) from the real folks who can maintain their values when things get rough. If you limit your trust of someone accordingly, you can save a lot of headaches... regardless of how you met them.
  • make sure it's in a public place with lots of witnesses.
  • Well, how was your date? Haven't seen any AB entries so I guess it went well:) Did your friend stick around the whole time? That might be a little too personal....whatever you're into is ok by me:)
  • LOL!!! Oh the fun:):) My friend ended up drunk, then we left. (left the cowboy behind), went to a friends house and played rock band all night:):) it is going to be awhile before I meet anyone from the internet again:):)
  • a friend??? just meet in a public place!!!!!
  • Yes,bring your own "Toe-Tag"
  • Yeah. Don't be surprised if they're not nearly as cool as you thought they'd be.
  • Don't be too disappointed. Don't expect much. Meet in a very public place.
  • I agree that it is always best to meet someone from online in a public place. Even if taking a friend with you, you should also let someone else know where you will be meeting your online friend. Best to be very cautious. :-)

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