• Judging by your Avatar, you have a lot to hide from your kids. And probably have Many kids at that.
  • Yes. I always share my biggest mistakes with them, in hopes that they might catch a lesson, but they'll never really ever know whether or not I ever pulled their teacher's hair. Well oK... I did once, but I was single then. But they still don't ever need to know.
  • my kids have been the biggest part of my life, i have more past with them than i have without them. so no my kids know most of my past.:-)
  • A limit is always applied, whether enforced or not. You can't possible tell everything about your past. Sometimes you forget something, or just simply don't wish to tell. It's nice to hear interesting stories such as wartime stories, high school/college stories, and many more, but stories that involve one's personal life or is rather sacred to them should not be told unless it becomes voluntary. As long as you're comfortable, it's alright for them to know your past. Sometimes, you should only say on what's okay to say and what should be kept a secret.
  • At this point they are unaware that there was life for me before them. Very myopic creatures, kids are. I reckon I would tell them anything they wanted to know. We'll see.
  • Absolutely,there is a limit to how much anyone knows about my past,that includes my kid.
  • As much as they need to. Sometimes it can lend you credibility, and at other times it can steal whatever influence you had. Be forthright and honest, but only divulge what information is needed in an inexplicit and tactful manner.
  • Yes. She is one year old.
  • I don't have any kids yet, but I only have a little bit of knowledge of my mom's past because she lies too much.
  • My son is two, and does not know anything about my past. As he grows up there are a few choice tidbits I doubt I will share with him. Like how Mommy and Daddy like to have threesomes, I don't think he needs to know we did/do that.
  • I was a good kid, sure I got pregnant before marriage, but I had him when I was 25. I didn't drive until I was 19. There really isn't anything I can hide from my children. If they asked if I smoked pot, I'm going to tell them I did. Ask any question, and they'll get the appropriate answer
  • Yes. My son is 2, but I plan to omit certain things from my past; but if directly questioned, I doubt I could lie to him. If I can teach him something, I will do it.
  • I use my mistakes as (hopefully) learning tools for others. At the very least, I offer them up as points to ponder. As my children get older I will give them the same benefits. I have girls, so I will tell them about the abortion I had and how it made me feel. My consequence is knowing that I did the wrong thing for the rest of my life. Who was it I destroyed? I will tell them I tried drugs and how stupid I was for doing it becaue that's what I know - it was stupid. I will tell them about the DUI I once got, and that I deserved it for endangering the lives of other people. The other mistakes I made are normal ones that everybody the wrong kinds of people, etc. They don't need to know the details of my sex life. That is private, but I am willing to answer some pretty sensitive questions if need be, as long as they aren't fishing for salacious details.
  • at an early age, yes. but at the right time, when they become mature enough, maybe. the important things matter, but everything about your past doesn't have to be presented detail by detail though.
  • My baby goats know nothing of my past, and being goats it probably does not mean much to them.
  • When they get to the age to where I think that they are old enough to understand the mistakes that I made in my past, I'll tell them what ever they want to know. Hopefully, they won't ask too many questions...Some things I'd rather them not know.. Great question, Zack!
  • My son knows everything about my past that is important. He does not know about the times I was unkind to others, or mean, or short-tempered, or impatient. I am not that person any longer and I see no reason to recite a litany of things I used to do when I was someone else! Happy Friday! :) ((hugs))
  • My kids know as much as i want them to know,we all have things in our past that you wouldnt want your kids to know or find out about:-)
  • yes.. there should be a limit in everything... too much of everything is always bad... but i believe we shouldnt keep away from them parts of our past that could break their trust in us.. some stories are worth sharing.. they could learn from them... but if i think that what ill be telling them wouldnt change a thing like, a bad attitude of someone dead.. its not worth telling...

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