• First Fair was the Santa Clara COunty Fair First AMusment Park was the now defunct Frontier Village in San Jose. FIrst Carnival, probably was at my elementary school
  • Probably the 4th of July picnic in the town I grew up in but I was a baby the first time I went. The first I remember is goin to Six Flags STL. I loved it but I was 14 before I could go on any big rides cuz I'm so short and they still question it sometimes. lol
  • The first I can remember is Lakeside Park in Salem,VA (I lived in Roanoke before we moved to STL). It was opened in the 1920s and I heard it was torn down in the mid 80s.
  • I remember a small street carnival in George, Iowa. My dad spent too much money trying to win at one of the (games of skill?). First fair was in Rock Rapids, IA a County fair. First amusement park was Arnolds Park, IA at Lake Okoboji.
  • The very first carnival that I can remember was a very small one in a supermarket parking lot.. It seemed huge, like eveything did when I was a little kid. I remember roaming around. There were some rides, food stands and games where you could win prizes. I remember trying to see what the back of the rides and attractions were like. I remember the sound of the rides and the music like it was yesterday.
  • Uhm.....I think that it was the city carnival that comes around every year... btw, carnys definitely look like your not going to see tomorrow when you look them in the eye.
  • At the time, it was called Adventure World. It's now a Six Flags amusement park.
  • County Fair
  • Illinois Sate Fair-first fair;) Six Flags in St Louis -First Park;) First Carnival was at High school in Dupo Illinois and I worked for them for 2 summers;)
  • I think it was the Barnum and Bailey circus with my Dad. I was three, I remember my dads big hands holding mine. The only other thing I remember is seeing the hugh elephants and telling everyone home about the phants that had no foots. I think it was the first memory I had with my dad. He was great.
  • blackpool.:-)
  • Disneyland! Followed by The Pomona County fair, Six Flags Magic Mountain (Before the Six Flags people purchased it) and Knox Berry Farm... all in California! and no... not all in one day. heh. Hiya T!
  • Rainbows End - New Zealand
  • Church carnival when I was 6 years old.

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