• Watch the Olympics on NBC starting 8/8/2008. Or are you talking dishes? ;-)
  • Go there by boat? Take a video camera with you and document the whole trip. [this is after I saw your questionbag comment haha]
  • The only way I could irrefutably prove to you that China is, without a doubt, real would be to take you there personally. However, even without totally airtight proof that China is real, I believe in China's existence (so far) because there is more evidence in favour of it than there is against it. Saying that China can't be proven to be real is more semantics than it is logic. In the realm of actual logic, one cannot prove a negative, therefor, in order for me to have reason to believe that China isn't real, there would either have to be no evidence that it is, or there would have to be more/better evidence of an alternative. For example, if I were presented with solid evidence that every historical record and every clip of video I'd seen coming out China, along with every mention of it in the media or general society, along with the whole Chinese language, had somehow actually come from somewhere else, and that there was some sort of worldwide conspiracy to pass it as coming from China... Then I might have good reason to believe that China doesn't exist. However, until I see that proof, the most logical conclusion is that China exists. No, I can't "Prove" with %100 certainty that China is real, but I've yet to see any proof that it isn't.
  • LuckLefty, If you are going to take the line of thinking that I see in your comments, then how do you know that anything outside of your community is real? For that matter, how do you know that your community is even real? Maybe you are just in your version of "The Truman Show". Heck, how do you even know that anything about you is real? Maybe all of this is just part of some fever-induced hallucination. There comes a point where you have to accept things as real even though you don't have an direct experience of them. So, I am going to agree with Eddie Sedgwick's answer and say that I will believe that China is real until someone can show me some solid evidence to the contrary.
  • If I win the lottery, Ill buy a Hondajet(I've always wanted to fly one!) and personally fly you there :D, then we can get some REAL chinese food :D
  • Drop it. It makes a loud noise as it smashes.
  • It's already been proven: China doesn't exist
  • Come on now, you aren't one of them radicals are you? I read the link in another answer, it made me LOL!!!!
  • I have been to two of its special territories, Hong Kong and Macau. I took this picture of Hong Kong during my trip there:
  • what the fuck? go there.
  • How do you know the United States is real? Actually the North Koreans/Chinese won the Korean war. You are really working in a rice patty, a coal mine or a steel mill but have been brainwashed to think you're on Answerbag. It makes you willing to submit to the grueling physical labor, mindnumbingly repetious tasks, and sexual indignities to which you all are subjected. Wow. I feel better now that's off my chest!
  • They make our stuff!
  • I can't even prove your real.
  • How do we know that the Human race is real? What if we are just imagining this and are just a brain in a jar?
  • I'm laughing right now as I read this... How can I prove that China's not real? I'm from China. My entire family is Chinese. I've been to China before.
  • Can 1.3 billion people be wrong?
  • Easy. Throw it on the floor. If it shatters, it was China.
  • Define "real." Then get back to me.
  • You're china!!! What an outrageous accusation.
  • How can you prove you are real?

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