• This year I will only be traveling between Norway (where I live) and England (where I am from). I might also make a little trip over to Denmark or Sweden but I am not sure yet. Next year I hope to travel to Madagascar.
  • Being the home boy that I am, I would be lucky if I get down to Long Island Sound and eat some clams on the half shell.:) I live in Connecticut and seldom leave CT.
  • This year? I am right now :) live in the moment say
  • To the market Right, right, left Around the block Very close to home East of Tempe Love to go ANYWHERE else...just too damn expensive! :)
  • To the ocean. To the pool. Perhaps to the West Coast, because, how have I never been to the west coast?
  • South Carolina! I wish they were all SOUTH Carolina
  • 2008 has been a slow year so far... Jan. 2008- WDW and Orlando area Feb. 2008- Caribbean cruise aboard the Celebrity Century to Grand Cayman & Jamaica Mar. 2008- A JUGS weekend at the Cayman Island beachfront home April 2008-A land trip to Lyon & Cap d' Agde, France, then Switzerland and to Dubai April-May 2008- A return to an all-inclusive in Jamaica May 2008- Los Angeles area May 2008-Australia in Darwin, Alice Springs, Uluru, and Melbourne June 2008- Thailand & Singapore July 2008 - Reno, Nevada July-August 2008-An extended Mediterranean Cruise and landtour of Italy. August- WDW and a JUGS scrapbooking annual festival Sept. 2008 - Another JUGS trip to the Cayman Islands Oct. 2008 - Another Caribbean Cruise on Disney (7 nights) Oct. 2008- Fantasyfest in Key West Nov. 2008- North Carolina Dec. 2008- ???
  • Going to Niagara Falls with Granddaughter, on a train, and my semi- annual trip to Denver, hgh air fair or not, gotta go. Wishing it was Maui:(
  • Alaska this September
  • I have been to Europe a few times this year I will be in the States in a couple of weeks then I will be traveling to India and on to the Far East.
  • Cambodia from the last days of November to the first days of December. We're also planning to travel to Tagaytay City in the Philippines. It's because close to it is Taal Volcano, which is included in the book 1,001 places to see before you die. I hope I got the title of the book right :)

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