• Rather the far right. The far left would be communist.
  • What about the Bush administration? Their repeated response to questions has been, "Trust us." Yeah? Not as far as I can throw Dick Cheney.
  • Swing and a miss.
  • My dictionary defines fascism as: a political system based on a very powerful leader, state control and extreme pride in country and race, and in which political opposition is not allowed. As your leader can be overruled by the Senate and Congress in most matters the first point doesn't apply. As there isn't total state control your second point doesn't apply. The third point certainly applies, although it isn't government-led and the last point obviously doesn't apply.
  • Not even close.
  • Fascist governments have always been considered right wing... although by my definition of fascism which is in a nut-shell: corporations using the government to fill their pockets while employing nationalistic brainwashing techniques to lull the masses... I see elements on both the left and the right running toward fascism...
  • Obviously we're not from the same universe. In Italy's fascist state the party line for fascists: Il Duce is always right! How different was that from the Republicans who claimed that questioning the President (Bu$h) was treason?
  • Actually on a political spectrum, fascism is the extreme of republican beliefs. Nazism, Fascism and other such examples believe that the government can should control the state for its own security. i.e. against the Jews under Hitler, or the communists under Mussolini and in the Spanish Civil War Rather, the democrats believe that the state can and should control the state for the provision of the people. That is closer to socialism and communism. Stalin, Mao and other cultures that support the redistribution of wealth (which is really nothing more than stealing from the productive and giving to the unproductive) are examples. In practice, they are very similar the only difference being what road they take to get there. I however, will draw a contrast between the republican party and with REAL conservativism. The CONSERVATIVE movement is an attempt to thwart both trends since both are equally dangerous and morally wrong. We need to get back to the constitution and stop letting our govenment do whatever it pleases. Until we hold them accountable to the constitution that governs them, we will continue to see both parties ravage the United States and strip more and more freedoms from her people.
  • Fascist states do not allow the 100% peaceful transition of power the United States has every four or eight years. I do not think that extreme labels should be applied to either party.
  • Thats not the definition of Fascism!
  • Fascism as we know it dates from WW2, in Italy and Germany. In both cases the Fascist regimes found primary political support among the poor and uneducated and the rich business owners. The Fasciest goverments outlawed labor movements, opposition political parties, closed newspapers, implemented domestic spying programs, censored the press, and set up secret jails to house enemies of the state. All things considered the "fascism" of yesterday looks more like a "Republican" movement that a Democratic one.
  • You seem to have your head up lush limpballs ass, but you could be forgiven for being an ignorant fool. To bad I'm not so forgiving. You ARE the weakest link. Goodbye.

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