• First off, please don't type in caps. Its hard to read and it is considered yelling. Next, I'm no dream analyst but I would think that you knew them, but you feel they weren't close to you, putting you on the outside. No I don't think it has anything to do with you dieing, maybe that you just wished you knew them better.
  • No. these are restless souls that have not made their way to the light to heaven. they will wonder restlessly, until you tell them to go home and go to the light.
  • thank you both for your answers,i appreciate them.
  • It is said when we dream of deceased loved ones, they are trying to send us a kind of message. No you won't die, but they can be chilling. The fact they dont acknowledge you is because at that moment they cant see you, you are seeing them. Ask them what they want, and you might just get your message..
  • Well, we are all going to die eventually, there is nothing that you can do to change this fact. However, I really don't think that these dreams mean that you are in any imminent danger of leaving this world.
  • Firstly, don't type in caps. Secondly, the people you dream of represent different aspects of yourself. It does not mean that you are going to die. It may simply mean that you are not accepting or acknowledging the qualities within yourself that you feel you received from these deceased others.
  • remember when you pass away, you are in doormat untill jesus returns to earth again.
  • It's impossible to begin to analyze your dreams with so little information. Try keeping a dream journal for a period of time, no less than a month. Then categorize your dreams from that period, i.e., the ones about deceased people, work, etc. After doing this for awhile you'll be able to see themes and how they reoccur and spill over in to other themes. It's a great way to start sorting and getting some insight on your dreams.
  • dreams are nothing but random firings of the brain, made coherent by your mind. they don't mean anything.
  • I have no proof, but I'd like to think they're thinking of you!
  • It means absolutely nothing. Dreams are not crystal balls. Dreams are symbolic and abstract and rarely mean exactly what you see. You could have been ignored or felt Ignored or you saw someone being ignored and your brain thought I'm not a ghost talk to me and that's how your brain chose to bring it up in a dream.
  • i dont think it means youre going to die, i think it just means youre going to miss them

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