• a mate of mine went, and got a Greyhound Bus ticket, and travelled all over, got mugged at gun point, just the once lol
  • Head to California,and take a coastal trip from San Diego to Seattle Washington.Of all the US states these 3 states are most diversified,with mountains,deserts,beaches,thick forests,lakes,and high cliffsides with great views.
  • Yellowstone, of course. And something few people seem to know about, one of the most beautiful buildings on earth, is the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception on the campus of National Catholic University in Washington, D.C. It's so awesome inside that I've forgotten what it looks like outside. It takes a couple hours just to look at everything in it.
  • come visit me in colorado ill show you around for a few days then head out and see as much as you can
  • Vanderbilt University, Sommet Center, 100 oaks mall, Country Music Hall of Fame, Rivergate mall, Capitol Buliding.
  • Come to Canada instead!
  • I hear Vermont in the fall is good, and Washington when the cherry blossoms bloom is supposed to be beautiful. You should probably grab a Broadway show in New York and a concert in Nashville if you like country music.
  • Grand Canyon, or New England in the autumn.
  • Start in LA (don't stay downtown, stay north a bit, driving distance into downtown. Spend a week there for Disneyland (got to do it once), beaches, etc. Head north along Hwy 1, don't make any plans except getting to San Francisco in two days. That will give you PLENTY of time to stop and see a few things on the way, and there are cheap hotels the whole way. Spend three days in SF, the Embarcadero, Golden Gate Bridge, wander around Chinatown (during the day), stay south of SF in Palo Alto or Daily City. Easy drive into the city and much cheaper. Spend a few days in SF then head north to Portland. Spend a couple of days at the Rose Garden, museums, wander around downtown. Hotels in downtown Portland are affordable. Then drive up to Seattle and spend four days here. Two days on the waterfront/downtown, we have some nice areas in and around Seattle. Find a hotel near downtown (south of Lake Union, cheaper than downtown, but walkable into downtown and the waterfront). After Seattle, turn in your car and fly to Houston Texas, spend a couple of days there just to get a feel for Texas, you could rent a car and continue over to Miami for three or four days (couple days of driving with plenty of time for stops along the way, Atlanta would be a good two day stop). Fly up to DC and spend two or three days to check out our history, museums and government. I would then either drive or take a train up to NYC. Train is quicker, but the drive is nice. In NYC, don't stay in Times Square, stay south around Chelsea. A subway ride takes a few minutes. Do the tourist stuff in NYC. From NYC, I recommend renting a car and driving up to Boston. Check out the harbor, little Italy (great good), the aquarium is great, spend a day walking the Freedom Trail (or is it the Patriot's Trail?) its a yellow line around the downtown area that takes you on a self guided tour of all sorts of historical sites. From there, you are close to Canada, or you can go to Logan Airport and fly anywhere.
  • Go to the Statue of Liberty, but don't just look at it. Read what it says. Then be amazed at how many millions of people from all over the world have taken comfort when seeing it for the first time. Arlington Cemetery, to see the level of dedication that exists by us in this country. for the most excellent synopsis of American history, go see the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C. While you are there, please take the time to marvel at the monuments that have been erected for the greatest leaders of our great country. Namaste!
  • How about instead of telling you where I think you should go, you just house swap with me and see whatever tickles your fancy. What country do you live in, will I like it for three months? BTW, I live in the Midwest, and while pretty... it is rather boring. There are a few places I may point you to though. I'll leave the list on my fridge... :P
  • St. Louis, to come pick me up, then I can show you around, there way to many things to do here. I can take you on Route 66, so you can get your kicks, LOL!! Grant's Farm St. Louis Zoo The Gateway Arch Anheuser-Busch Brewery City Museum The Magic House Busch Stadium and watch the Cards play ball! Muny Theater - an outdoor theater

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