• They will leak, but they can't produce full spray like an adult.
  • Yes they can spray from the time they open thier eyes. Usually though young skunks will just leak a little bit if they are picked up, but if you doubt it look it up on youtube, there is a video of a teen guy getting sprayed by a baby skunk.
  • Although their muscles are not fully developed, baby skunks can release the "skunk juice" but is not dispersed as efficient as an adult.
  • Definitely, though are short of long term results in smell, they can aim and fire. One sprayed me when rescuing an orphan, but my dress survived. At first you think the kit is the size of a German shepherd when you are being aimed at, then realize it was just a little spritz. They practice spraying by running and stomping, turning their poo butts at you and skidding around. They are quite fun. Essa Pet Skunk Medicine blog www.skunkiedelight dot wordpress dot com/

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