• Go on-line: (1.)Buy a beige leisure suit from Rusty Zipper; (2)buy 2 Soviet hat stars with sicle and hammer for the collar and Korean war medals (photo of Kim Sung and veteran medal)from Collect Russia for the chest pockets; (3) get a black Elvis wig from CostumeHub and cut the sideburns off and tease the hair up on top and down on the sides; (4) get funky cheap sunglasses from the DollarStore; (5) make printed pocket labels that say "Dear Leader " over one chest pocket and "Lil' Kim" over the other; (6) do eye-make-up as necessary; and, (7) wear large black shoes; and (8) get girlfriend to dress as blonde "Atomic Bombshell" with nosecone hat, silver tight-fitting dress, silver shoes/boots and radiation symbol(s) on front.
  • You can find at They have great Kim Jong il costume
  • Broadway

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