• No, because seatbelts help protect you from injury when traveling at any speed. And exactly how would this be enforced? A real nightmare.
  • How is the parking sign not all or nothing under your definition? For example, how is "parking ok after 5 pm" different from "maximum speed limit 55 MPH?" In one, you are breaking the law if you drive faster than 55, and not if you are equal to or less than 55. Similarly, the parking law says you are breaking the law if you park before 5 pm, but are not if you park after.
  • Meh, wouldn't matter either way to me. I wear my seatbelt all of the time anyway, no matter how fast I'm going.
  • or how about a law that says I can go nude as long as there are less then 5 people at the 7-11.
  • No. Seat belts are most effective when they are worn ritualistically--used all the time to make it a habit. Take it away at 42 mph and next thing you know people will be 'forgetting' and flying out windows in crashes on the highway. It's really not that big an imposition to wear a seat belt. It's just what you get used to. I was raised with seat belts and it's totally second nature. I saw a mother and children in a drive-thru and although the infant was in a car seat, it really bothered me that the 4-5 year old was bouncing all over the back seat--clearly not buckled. A collision at 42 mph could easily have thrown this child from the car or within the car, causing a head injury or fatally wounding him. It's not worth it to sacrifice your life or a child's life.
  • I don't think that seatbelt laws should be enforced. If someone is dopey enough to not wear their seatbelt, I would call it natural selection. People who don't want to wear them aren't going to start just because they get a ticket.
  • Easy to enforce. Speedbelts not needed in town unless the posted speed limit is 45 mph or higher. If you're speeding, you get a ticket for speeding, but not for not wearing a seatbelt. I was not raised with seatbelts and find I drive more carefully when I am not wearing one. There must be drawbacks to wearing them or you wouldn't need a law to make people wear them. I think they're a nuisance and I don't want to feel I'm breaking a law when I'm only driving six blocks to the grocery store.
  • This type of sign would have absolutely no meaning to many drivers. They never wear seat belts, anyway, so what difference would the sign accomplish? "Click It Or Ticket".

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