• You can not generalize like that and expect to get an accurate answer. In the social sciences, the best you can hope for is something like "5 out of 8 men responded positively when asked the question..." All guys are different, just as women are. Some are more in touch with their feminine side and others are not at all.
  • No one likes to hear bad news or the making of a possible confrontation, especially with a girlfriend or wife. yes, we do tend to have deaf ears, when there is trouble brewing. I have changed the subject many times, with my wife, in order to dodge a confrontation. why? its just something that men do, especially if you really love your girlfriend or wife. we know the problem will soon pass and avoiding the subject, sometimes works. Its just a man thing........
  • I'd say if its to do with relationships and where its going and stuff its best not to talk about it anyway... it freaks me out let alone men!
  • Why do men avoid anwering questions. Why do the aways say I don't want tho answer that question when it's a simple question.
  • because they are only good for one thing........ never trust a guy coz they will only shit in ya face!
  • 1) its ignorant to generalize a whole from a few situations. blame the guys not ALL guys.
  • Everyone avoids what they are uncomfortable with. A wise person learns to avoid confrontations and look for solutions.
  • I've found that most men do not like to 'argue' with women because most women can be relentless and women are naturally better at articulating their feelings. With that said, a healthy, productive communication works both ways. As much as men need to meet the women half way, women need to understand 'how' to communicate with men - and each men are different in how they will respond to women. It all depends on how you approach men and what you're trying to accomplish. With men, I found, that you can't corner them and make them feel they need to defend themselves. Also, direct approach (request) works best - no hinting and hoping he'll "get it" or no thinking that you've been together this long, he should know. Don't start a conversation with "you never say or do this or that" or "you're always saying or doing this or that". Try "I would like this or that" or "I feel this or that when you do or say this or that". Like I said, men are different, just like women are different.
  • :) i have found that with most all the men ,i know, they avoid these conversations about particular topics with women,& all tend to have the same reasons:'anything they say ,can and will be used against them' ...they are damned if they agree and damned if they don't agree.. i am a woman, but i sympathize and understand why they do....:)thatsJustme
  • if my love wanted 2 tlk 2 me tell me or hear somethin from me we always sat on the sofa snuggled and tlked it through although now we broke up coz she didnt listen 2 me
  • Women may be able to bring up a problem, that doesn't mean they are all properly equipped to or even trying to solve such a problem. Loosely speaking, men tend to keep problems to themselves and women tend to bring up any hint of dissatisfaction, no matter how vague. Unfortunately, social constructions are the real propagator of these traits. Women are bombarded with the myth of the "perfect white wedding" from early childhood. Men only come into the picture as an ends to a means in this fantasy. All the "finding the perfect man" crap is about treating men like a commodity. This means that in relationships, women are not very tolerant of "less than perfect" traits or behavior in men. Nobody really explains to women (and men, in a different way) that they need to learn to compromise. Relationships are just as much business as they are personal, especially if you are planning on getting married, which is essentially a binding contract. Learning to see the real problems and effectively approach them is the key to having a relationship, not demanding full compliance with your delusions of childhood fantasies. Just because your man forgot your 9 month anniversary doesn't mean it's a big issue and sign of something bigger. When women stop trying to treat men like a puzzle piece in their master plan and learn to compromise, maybe they won't sound like nagging harpies whenever they are a tidbit unhappy. In the same breath, men are also victims of social construction which pertains to their expected behavior. Men aren't really taught any skills to deal with women beyond picking them up. After that it's usually just give them what they want to shut them up and don't complain. If men would be better equipped to bring up their own issues in a relationship, perhaps things would be easier for women. Being able to hear out and respond to the issues of their significant other would also be useful skills for men to have. Unfortunately, society pushes them to fear such things. Which is why they tend to avoid confrontations instead of attempt to deal with them. It's easier for men to just ignore problems as many have no skills to deal with them. Basically, women need to stop nagging, men need to start opening up, and both need to learn to compromise. Anyone couple serious about their relationship should look into couple's therapy, even if there aren't any problems. Even a few sessions can help each person learn the proper skills needed to maintain a long-term relationship. Remember, the flame burns out, after that, it's how much you love each other and how well each of you are at compromising that will sink or swim the relationship. It's the bad times, not the good ones, that kill relationships. Being able to deal with them before they happen is a sound strategy.
  • People naturally like to avoid confrontation. Men get overwhelmed by women, sometimes. Women can be difficult to follow, sometimes when they are rambling on. Sometimes women have difficulty talking to men in concise sentences and men become overwhelmed! For example: "I am watching the front desk, you see Karen had to go use the bathroom and I have to go to the store to buy a large envelope, I have to go to the post office, we are having a family function, tomorrow, then when Karen comes back out, I have to take some stuff to the post office and what are we having for dinner?" Women talk this way and men cannot understand it! Only another woman can understand it!
  • Usually because they know that women are just trying to trap them in no-win situations and usually the best thing to say is nothing at all.
  • as long as thier finacial needs and their sexual needs are cared for, they dont really care about anything else. AND they sure dont wanna have to explain to yu why yur feelings and needs are not important to them.
  • The very WORSE thing that can happen to a man in a relationship is to be cut off from "The The SMART man remains VIGILANT against NEVER voluntarily saying ANYTHING that will land him in such a predicament. (Man Rule #2)
  • Damned if we do, damned if we don't. If it becomes an argument, if we win we loose in the relation ship, if we loose , we loose. So what is the point. It's easier to just not engauge.
  • The last sentence of the question suggests that a man is always in the wrong or he always has incorrect expectations and that his wife/girlfriend always is the duly appointed correcting schoolmarm. Okay.... Often enough, it's not about what we don't want to hear, but what we'd rather not have to say, concerning HER shortcoming. Who here likes swimming with a man eating shark? Not many, I'll reckon. For most men, dealing with a tense situation with a woman- in which the stakes are actually quite high and in which they feel significantly less skilled- is nothing short of intimidating. Who enjoys being intimidated? As has been said already, a man can actually be "in the right" but wind up "in the dog house" because he's accused of attaching all sorts of negative innuendo to whatever he says. That's extremely frustrating and it makes the entire process a no-win situation. Now, I've dealt with women for whom I have no feelings. Verbal confrontation? No problem-if I wind up telling her where to get off..if I wind up hurting her feelings and she runs off in tears...I don't care. Roll the ugly truth out and let's have at it. With my wife? Not only do I fear bedroom reprisal, I honestly don't want to hurt her feelings. If I can't figure a way to say what has to be said without hurting her feelings, it doesn't get said. Often enough, the problem really DOES go away without either one of us addressing it.

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