• let me taste...
  • I would clean your lugg holes out more often or go see your doctor:-)
  • Dark, moist places are a breeding ground for bacteria and such. Have your doctor check you out and find a cleaning solution that helps keep your wax under control. Some people have more, some less but everyone should keep their ears clean. I am not saying you are dirty.. the ears get overlooked by many until something draws them to take notice.
  • Because you have a number of exceedingly bizarre sexual fetishes.
  • because you have smelled an aged cheese that was similar to your ear wax... maybe you are on to something there☺
  • Ear wax smells: Because you have Candida in your ears. Don't be alarmed, it gets into everywhere, once it gets in the gut it migrates. To remove it from your ears you can put an ounce of Hydrogen Peroxide in a glass with an equal amount of distilled or bottled water. Then use q-tips and be careful to not use it too soggy, the mixture won't hurt your ears but if the cotton bud comes off its a bother to get back out. Just keep using a fresh q-tip and dip in HP then move it around gently in your ear. You should hear some noise like listening into a soda pop once the can has just been opened. Use dry q-tip to dry ear out and you are fresh smelling again. However, smelly ears is a sign you have too much candida in your body. Pull back from sugars in any form for awhile and detox. You will not only get rid of the smelly ears for good but help your energy be better and your life longer.
    • Jewels Vern
      Q-Tip is not good for human skin. It says so right there on the box. Cotton fibers have a sharp edge that can slice the skin, and then the fiber gets stuck there, and the skin oozes pus until the fiber is floated out. Use a dropper to put the peroxide in and a tissue to catch what comes out.
  • Infection!
  • 1-25-2017 Ear wax collects all the dead skin, dust, and germs in your ear canal and floats them out. So of course it smells like dead skin, dust, and germs. Normal ear wax can be any combination of wet or dry, oily, watery, or waxy, clear, yellow, brown, or red. And those are all NORMAL!

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