• I'm competitive in fields which I deem important (i.e. I think I'm good at) so, if I meet someone who is ridiculously brainy, I'd get a bit green. but on the other hand, I couldn't care less about how good he is at backgammon. I'll give it a shot though XD
  • I don't care. I do my best in everything. I don't do the whole competition thing. If I'm good I'm good..if they do better so be it. Good for them.
  • Not a whit! ;-)
  • Highly.
  • In general for myself i'm very non competitive, but for my horses and horse showing i seem to acquire a very competitive nature :)
  • I am very competitive... in my own way. I am competitive with and within myself. There is no bigger challenge for me than find ways to outgrow my own mistakes and to excell a bit more today that I did yesterday. With other people...I do not feel the impulse to and let live everyone in their own realm of truths.

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