• What!? If its drive the convertible or walk I know what the intelligent thing to do would be - what the hell does it matter....!?
  • not at all. I think a man driving a convertable would not be girly. LOL:)
  • I think it depends on the convertible... like if it's pink and blasting Miley Cyrus music... then yes. I guess so. But otherwise when I see men driving convertibles I never thought it was girly.
  • I think it's kinda fruity, i'm not gonna lie.
  • I've never heard that. Most race cars in the past and many currently are open aired. I don't even think convertible is girly. I see more men driving convertibles than women. Besides, so many girly women don't like their hair getting messed up and men don't have that problem. I was raised in convertibles as those were our only family cars. Both my parents had them, mostly Jags. It was sunny and warm and just made sense to have the top done.
  • Actually it is a manly thing.It was a thing used to get the girls when in school for they thought it was cool to own one.In my lifetime alone I have owned 4,including 2 sports cars.
  • Nope... Nothing wrong with it... ;-)
  • as long as he isn't wearing a beret or a pink shirt hes probably ok
  • In my "Wilder Days" I used to own a 55' Caddy Rag top. Biggest non-commercial vehicle ever built! 454 C.I. Engine with 2ea. 4 barrel Quadra Jet carbs to make it Scream!!! The front seat slid forward & laid back flat with the back seat. Made a Queen sized bed it did! I couldn't keep women out of it! Seems they lost all their Inhibitions even stripping to stand up on the front seat going down the road!!! So before U buy one, make sure Ur "Testosterone" is "Up" to it 'girly' Dude!!! LOL LOL John
  • No, convertibles are sports cars. I honestly have never heard this one before.
  • I think it depends on the type of car, like convertible eclipse, yeah thats girly, convertible porsche or corvette, thats usually an old man thing lol.
  • I think it depends on the car if you ask me. Take into consideration Car A (left) and Car B (right).
  • I live in the poorest part of the state. If I saw someone driving a convertible the people here would put him in stocks and stone his ass to death for bank robbery.
  • Nope, when it's a Ford Mustang OR a Stingray then it's OK. a mazda Miata is another story!
  • A convertible is a unisex vehicle. And is often used for a midlife crisis car, which is hardly girly.
  • First time I ever heard of it.
  • Not if your short fat and bald. If your a man and don't resemble danny devito then you shouldn't be driving a convertable. Unless of course the convertable is a cadilac from the 70s.
  • First, I don't think that you should assume the car is his. Secondly, there are a lot of cars that are popularly known as "chick" cars, (not by me) not just convertibles. Thirdly, I don't believe in "stereo-typing", it is not fair to judge individuals as a group. I drive what I want. Let people say what they will.
  • HaHa - depends on the convertible! Take the BMW Z3 for example. It's a car for hairdressers, posers and women with steelo perms. A Ferrari F430 Stradale Spyder, on the other hand.....
  • how could any of these be "girly"?
  • old guys who still think they are young like to drive red convertibles. i used to have a red lebaron convertible. it was terrific. my wife hated it. i got chased by ganglanders on the freeway, so i sold it the next day. i feared for my life. i loved that car.
  • No way! I thought it was usually the guys that liked them! :O :P

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