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  • 1. You might not succeed in killing yourself and end up a vegetable. 2. Wasting life instead of dealing with problems is useless. 3. You would hurt the ones you love and the ones that love you. 4. It's messy.
  • 1. If you believe in it, you will go to hell. 2. You will hurt someone who loves you. 3. You might not succeed and it will hurt to F*CK. 4. It's selfish.
  • 1- Life is better than TV - you can always change the channel when you want to. 2- The mess would be aweful for someone to clean up. 3- you would leave behind a lot of sad, upset and empty people because of one selfish act. 4- there may be nothing positive waiting for you on the other side (depending on if you are religious or not).
  • I can give you a whole bunch, if you're willing to read this short article. It's actually very helpful, and may even bring a smile to your face:
  • 1. Some poor guy will have to clean up the mess. 2. Mom and Dad will be very dissapointed. 3. Who will feed the dog? 4. The life of your dreams is just around the corner (this is a big one). Hang in there, Tiger. We all have our tough moments.
  • 1. someone would have to find you and clean it up (its not pretty) 2. Someone even if you dont know who cares about you deeply weather it be friends or family or someone you barely know or even a pet. could never feel the grass under your feet or the sun beaming down on you are see cute lil fuzzy critters or smell good homecooked meals or feel how great it is to jump into the river or a pool or lake or whatever when its hot outside and feel the cool water surround you 4.And you wouldnt get anymore gifts for your birthday or x-max!
  • 1. suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. 2. drowning is much more peaceful. same with overdosing on morphine. 3. killing yourself with a bullet is too unoriginal 4. you might be going to hell and there won't be any pie.
  • It hurts It makes an awful mess We would lose someone to pick on You are an awesome person
  • Yes. 1. You are not alone. 2. There is always hope. 3. We, your friends, would grieve greatly for you. 4. We love you.
  • When you'd die, not only would your brains leave a nasty mess to clean up, but medical death often results in the complete relaxation of the bladder and colon and thus, you'd shat yourself. Which would in turn worsen the blow for whoever found you. Secondly, although (with scientific evidence) no one knows if there is an afterlife (we hope, but are unsure), we do know this much; not a single religion (save Shinto) condones suicide and in fact most will tell you that either you'll goto some form of hell or your soul will reincarnate into a (substantially) lesser form of life and as such your life will suck even harder. It's not fun being a fly that has it's wings torn off then is half burned by a twisted kid's magnifying glass. Thirdly, there IS a person (at least one) out there, whether you know it or not, that not only doesn't want you to die, but cares about you. This is something that can be proven. Finally, if you fail, at least one of two things would happen: you'd have to live with the memory that you did it. That you tried to do it, and that you couldn't even end it all, that you tried to hurt others with your action. Or, that you nicked something, and now you can't even move/speak. I have a bonus reason too, a fifth one just for you. Very rarely does a bullet stop when fired in the head. Indeed, it normally keeps going and there's a chance that you might hit someone else and kill/paralyze them too. Sorry for the long answer.
  • Well... 1. There are alot of beautiful things left to see, that you will never get to witness if you die too soon. 2. You don't know if things will get better or worse unless you stick around to find out, it's an adventure... If you have hit rock bottom, then you know the only way is up... 3. It's been said before, but it would be hurtful and traumatic to people who care about you (and there will always be someone, even if you don't know it) 4. In a years time you might feel better and be glad that you decided not to shoot yourself, and i'm sure that that would feel great... also you wouldn't leave the final memory of you at your worst with anyone who sees you today. You don't know how you dying will effect the future or other people who you haven't even met yet, but might never get to meet, if you aren't alive. That probably reads really contrived and corny, but that doesn't mean it's not true...
  • 1) You could be dead 2) You are unlikely to actually kill yourself on the first try 3) If you do kill yourself, it will likely be a slow bleed out over a quck ending (see also painfull) 4) You are leaving the burden of someone finding you and cleaning up the mess
  • One.. the collections department still cares about you.
  • 1. you're a good person and this world needs you, 2. you did nothing to deserve what's happend in your life, 3. even if you don't see it, people care about you, 4. someday, things will turn around
  • 1. There are still so many things to see and do. 2. The person who finds you (probably someone you love, or who loves you) will be scarred for life. 3. Things are NEVER as bad as they seem. 4. You will be hurting those that are left behind.
  • why talk about it? you could of done it by now...
  • 1. Your family 2. Your friends 3. So many things you haven't seen yet. 4. Soooooo many people you haven't met.
  • No, just one: I don't know who you are, but I love you and pray I may see you here again. I love you.
  • no, but others have
  • think of a baby, one that you know, one that you love.
  • Life is precious. Your situation WILL get better. Someone cares about you, and it will wreck them if you did. Death is absolutely permanent. Zero chance of reversing it.
  • one. you are out of bullets. two. you dont have a pistola. three. we would miss you. four. you dont want to scramble your brains when you isnt good karma.
  • There is only one good reason not to... You matter! Please call your local crisis hotline. They would love to listen to you!!!!!!!
  • 1 It Hurts 2 You wouldn't see the answer to this question 3 Its uncalled for 4 Did I mention it hurts?
  • Because you are a human being and there are people out there who love you!! U need a to open up about your thoughts and feelings!!Please dont do that!!
  • 1.) there are small children with cancer who would give anything to grow up 2.) You have a purpose in life 3.) You would be missed 4.) Someone would have to clean up this horrible mess

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