• There is a little human growing inside of her that she will eventually spit out of her vagina or have cut out of her abdomen. Hormones are a funny thing and can make you go mad.
  • Not knowing the people you are referring to exactly I'd have to guess that they are the types of women who will complain anyway, being pregnant just gives them a lot more things to bitch about. I personally love being pregnant, even the little annoying inconveniences. They just mean that my baby is growing, and every day I am one day closer to actually meeting her!
  • I think they have every right to complain.
  • Complaining is some people's favorite past time and they frequently have no idea how crappy they come off BUT pregnant women are crazed with out of control hormones. There is also that nagging fear in the back of your head that the baby's not OK and on top of that they constantly have to pee.

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