• Hi Galenda. I have had training to do my job but I don't really realize how much I know until I talk to someone who knows nothing about what I do.
  • I am very proud of my education. I have a master's degree in liberal arts which means I've read a lot in many different fields. It's not a degree in any one particular speciality. I can talk to you about Plato and about environmentalism.
  • Yes. I've had a lot of schooling, but even better than that is the fact that I'm curious by nature. I'm open to the possibility that new information might change what I know/think/believe. I'm careful not to draw inferences on the basis of limited information.
  • The only degree I have is an A.A. degree in Liberal Arts which I received in 1956 from Pasadena City College. I spent one month at UCLA but it was too big for me (my son got his Ph.D at UCLA)..I took some night school classes..logic, economics, accounting, which I enjoyed very much. But educated? No..I don't feel as if I am "educated". I do get pleasure from occasionally knowing some bit of arcane, abstruse or unusual bit of knowledge that not everyone knows..I have a very good memory for many unrelated bits of knowledge..and these bits of knowledge pop out of my reservoir brain from somewhere..that also pleases me. But I have never felt as if I were "educated". I shall have to ask my son if he feels educated! :)
  • Not really
  • I did college, but never felt like I knew anything till I started work. Now I'm learning all the time. Ancient Greek philosophy was fun, but never taught me how to deal with a roomful of angry people looking to me for the answers ;)

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