• Not anymore.
  • Not especially. They are people, and like with all people, you have to divide the nice ones from the bad ones.
  • Nope I don't.
  • Nope, i have cop friends lol. There is an ex-cop security guard at my high school and we (me and the students (im not a teacher lol)) call him daddy (his name).
  • no, they are overworked and underpaid and they do a tuff job that nobody else wants to do
  • Nope, not at all. I can't hate them for doing their job, that doesn't mean I like some of their attitudes though. I appreciate them when they do their job correctly, but that doesn't always happen, especially in my little town.
  • I arrest my case. They haven't bothered me in 20 years.
  • I heart them :) I have gotten out of enough tickets to know that they aren't all bad.
  • Not unless they try to hug or lecture me. Yes, I said hug. I got pulled over for an expired county sticker once and it was 100 degrees in the shade and the A/C on my car had blown, I was divorcing, and just having a bad day. The cop who pulled me over asked me if I had a job (I did) and then asked if I had a bank account (I did) and then went on to tell me that I should have used both to buy a county sticker (only $25, but the car tax was the issue and my ex-husband was way behind on alimony). THEN he told me (without knowing the situation) that I didn't "need" such an "expensive and luxury" car (it was an almost 10 year old Volvo 940). I burst into tears and he felt bad and said he hated to make people cry and said I just needed a hug (WTF?). He reached in to hug me and I was like "no way man" (thank you Bart Simpson). I know he wasn't a perv or anything and he was trying to be nice, but come on! Other than this guy, I like cops just fine :)
  • Not usually. The ones I've known personally have been very nice people. I have met a couple that were a pain but out of some many? It's a rarity.
  • Not really unless they are abusing their authority otherwise i think they are just doing their job.
  • I don't care for them.
  • yes. when i was like eight or nine years old, the cops surrounded my families home and stormed the place like a terrorists hideout, looking for the guy who lived there before us; who by the way was sitting in a padded cell at the local asylum according to the properties owner. can you imagine how much fun it is to have about twenty armed men in black kick in your door, smash through your windows, throw your uncle and mother to the floor pointing guns at them while screaming FREEZE! as loud as they can? i would not spit on a cop if he was on fire, although i would be happy to beat the flames out with an aluminum baseball bat!
  • I do, at least most of them.
  • and another thing, let me tell you about my little sister's first day at her after school job. (17 years old) she was so happy to get a part time job as a librarian aid and it was her first day at work. after a wonderful day she left work at 9:00 pm and walked to the bus stop to go home. while she was crossing the street, the light changed from walk to Don't walk. immediately one of the @$$holes standing at the corner by the bus hub station accosted her saying she was jaywalking and was probibly a prostitute to be out so late. if she hadn't been on her cell phone talking too our mom he would of arrested her, just for being downtown at 9:00 pm on a pubilc street. some free country) as it is she got a $60.00 ticket and had to go to court for it. this totally ruined her happy first day at work and made her afraid to go downtown. Cops should be impaled on rusty pipes, set on fire and electrocuted with low amp voltage (so they die slow) in 34 years i have not seen one bit of help from a cop anywhere, from denver colorado to wichita kansas to dayton ohio. one the one hand i've had three bikes stolen (never saw one again)and the cop at united dairy farmer couldn't leve his post to look for it or even radio the theft in. on the other had they always have time to harass an innocent person for anything at any time.
  • No, that would be ridiculous to dislike someone for doing their job. If it weren't for the police who put their lives on the line everytime they step foot outside, this world would have a lot more problems in it. And just because someone does something wrong and gets caught ... that's their own fault, not the policeman who catches them.
  • most of them
  • I have been pulled over 7 times and they never gave me a ticket. One time I was late for work doing 69mph in a 35mph zone while it was raining, hell i would have gave me a ticket. All of them that I know are great people that risk there lives everyday and get underpaid for it.
  • I dont have anything against cops. Unless they are assholes or crooked. Most are just doing their jobs. Ive run into some very nice cops, even while I was breaking the law.
  • Cops in I have known some very nice cops who did their job and did it well. I have also known/still know cops who were/are into more criminal activities than the people they were arresting.
  • No I don't hate cops.
  • No i like them, i know a few people who are in the police force and they are really nice people, the job they do is really hard and scary in this day and age, the ones i know have families and they constantly worry when they are on duty. the police are ordinary people doing a very hard job and should be respected not hated.
  • Nope. They've gotta dangerous and sometimes thankless job to do. I dislike criminals, though.
  • I love cops! I have nothing but respect for them.
  • Just town cops, state troopers are fine

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