• Read some books about koi pond design first, so you can make an informed decision. Also, please be certain that your pond will consist of a healthy environment for your koi. This will include well thought out filtration, aeration, plant life, safety for the koi, water quality, location, etc. Obviously, this is not something you should rush into. Please choose wisely and enjoy! =)
  • Hmmmm, go custom. More unique. =)
  • Koi often need more room than a preform pond offers. I have a preform pond and we have gold fish in it. We live in NY state and the fish live under the ice all winter. I will do a pond liner pond in the future so that I can have more of a varity of plants and you can also make an area with a gentle grade so that birds and other wild life can go in and out of your pond to drink and bath. Which ever you do I think you will really enjoy your pond. If you do a liner--look for someone throwing away an old pool liner and find someone throwing away some carpet to cushion your liner so you dont get holes. Liners are much more natural.
  • Not sure if this would be a compromise but I suggest getting a prefabbed pond liner. Then put some extra effort into disguising it with stones around it to hide the liner and doing a lot to dress it up. That's the more fun part and you know it will hold water. That being said, I have seen these done but never done one myself but I do a fair amount of landscaping.

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