• Of course. Veterinarians are trained to care for all breeds of dogs.
  • Uhm... yes. Even if you live somewhere that "dangerous breeds" (I giggle as I type that and my Dachshund is beating the crap out of my pit bull behind me in their mock-wrestling match) are outlawed, no vet is going to report an animal that LOOKS like it COULD be illegal. And if they did... I'd find a new vet.
  • I don't see why it would be a problem. I never had a problem taking my pitbull to the vet and he has had more than one. I would never go to a vet who denied treatment to a pitbull or one who would refuse treatment to a dog who looks like a pitbull. Hope your dog is okay and vet visit is just routine. A dog I haave (photo included) is part Lab and we think Boxer but people still think she is a pitbull which we don't think she is. We have a pitbull and she does not look pitbull-ish. We have never had problems taking her to the vet either.

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