• Move and pick a better crowd to hang with...or just be aware this kind of stuff (and a lot worse) can/does/will happen when you choose to live in situations that make that stuff viable and likely. It's the price you pay for being <insert whatever slang fits being cool/pimp/gangsta/ballin/dope/fly/badass/whetever here>.
  • wow! great answer! could someone please answer the question for us and not just state an opinion of what you think. remember: pimps/gangstas/cool people/ <or whatever you want to say> have rights too....
  • You can hire a civil attorney and sue the police department and township(city whatever) for emotional distress, if a crime is committed against you can seek damages alleging reckless endangerment. You will most likely lose because you are a drug dealer, but you have civil legal options.

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