• Vista. Microsoft has always had the monopoly, but Google is expected to give them a run for their money.
  • Main computer-Dual booting vista and ubuntu Side computer-Dual booting XP and MEPIS Laptop-MEPIS
  • I have Windows Vista. I think Microsoft does have a monopoly, but if you watch the Mac ads, then you'll wonder why they do in the first place...
  • I am on ubuntu and windows xp... and yes Microsoft rules, one may crib on the shortfalls of Microsoft but then waht about the ones BEHIND that?
  • I have Linux SuSe in this computer and WinXP in my other one. When I've learned Linux well enough to drop Windows, I will. Yes, I believe that Microsoft runs in the majority of personal computers, but I don't believe the percentage is as high in business computers, including the internet servers.

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