• iF Toto did not pull the curtain you would never know that Oz was a fake and she would have never got to go home.
  • No one asked him to do it. In the movie, Toto scampered over to the curtain and pulled it back on his own. Strctly speaking, the movie's director told Toto's trainers to get the canine actor that played Toto to pull the curtain back.
  • It was a construct to make the action move along. I'd say the director thought it would be more interesting to get a dog to do it than a girl, that's all there is to it.
  • In the book he knocks over a standing curtain that the Wizard is hiding behind when the Wizard scares him with his loud voice. In the movie I supposed he sensed there was a human behind it. It is revealed in the books that Toto is very intelligent and can even speak if he chooses to, just like the other animals in Oz.
  • No one asked him. He was just a curious dog.
  • The hackers that had the Wizards incriminating emails about how the Wizard's fiery image was a scam. He later backpedaled and said that when he said it was a "trick" in an email, he stated, "That's what wizards and scientists call actual solid scientific process."
  • Toto was the one with all of the heart, brains, and courage.
  • He wanted to expose the truth, kind of like Michelle Malkin is pulling back the curtain to expose Obama.
  • Hey, the little guy noticed and he thought he'd pay Dorothy back for saving him at the beginning of the film.

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