• I have a mild form of Dupuytren's Contracture; I have had it for seven years now. It seemed to suddenly develop over a period of weeks but it hasn't got any worse. Doc told me early on when I consulted him that if it would get worse then they can operate. In recent years techniques to operate on it have improved considerably, so I am not worried at all about it.
  • Yes, I have it in my left hand where the little finger had bent almost to the palm and it was operated on in 2006. My right hand now has the bumps appearing on the palm and the first digit of my little finger. It was observed by my orthopedic doctor and now being watched by me to see if the bend (now 15 degrees) increases. It appears predominately in males of northern European ancestry reportedly by the Vikings...the pipers of one Scottish clan were observed with the disease.
  • My son has Dupuytrens contractture on his left hand and it is quite painful. I have it on my left foot on the tendon that runs between the big toe and the heel. I found it abour 7 years ago but it has not got bigger but I now have Plantar Fasciitis and wonder if thei was caused by the Dup.... Cons.... Has anyone else had this problem as it is very painful.

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