• If the term temporarily sticks then yes.
  • That depends entirely on how cool you are otherwise.
  • Sure. I had to move into my mom's place. . .well, it was a rental house of hers so I lived alone. . .after I divorced. Galooly is right, as long as it's temporary it's no big deal. Just make sure you do your part to help your parents out for letting you move back in with them :)
  • Sure as long as you don't get too comfortable(no plans to move out) that is fine, Unfortunately modern society is making things very difficult for young adults to be fully independent. Plus if we ever on a date, you can come up to my place for a "coffe"! ;)
  • Yes, but don't stay too long as you have got to catch up with your private life.
  • I had to do the same thing when I was 24. It's a long story, but short version is that I was renting a house in the same town as my parents. They sold their house and moved away, and about a year later, my landlord sold the house I was renting and I had to leave. So I went and lived with my parents for about 4 months, and it was really no big deal. I paid them a little bit every month, helped them with cleaning and stuff like that, and aside from that we respected each others' privacy and stayed out of each others' way. You are still cool, don't worry. The concept may be a little embarrassing, but it's really not that unusual these days. I've heard our generation (I'm 29) referred to as the "Boomerang Generation" because so many people in their 20's end up moving back in with their parents at some point.
  • Yeah, you're still cool..My house has a revolving door..My grown kids are in and out. What can you do? Years ago, an unmarried adult stayed home til married. Now, it's different, they leave before they're ready, or circumstances change their lives..Don't you worry about it. Things always get better:)
  • Ok, I am going to be blunt here, some may not like this answer, but it is how I feel: If your intentions are to work, save your money and become independent again, then I think it's a wonderful idea and yes, you are still cool. If your intention is to live at home with mom and dad so you can work and play rather then be responsible, then no, it's not cool. Just as an aside, I live in one of the most expensive places to live in the US, Long Island, NY. I have a couple of girl friends who rent small studio apartments. I assume you fell onto some hard times and that is why you are back with your parents temporarily. So, work double hard (even get a second job) and sock it all away in an account. Don't play, don't shop, don't splurge. I mean you have to get out and enjoy yourself once in a while, but the majority of that money needs to go into an account so that you can start to be independent again. Good luck! I know you are one of the good ones.
  • Nah. Could you sneak me into your bedroom. LOL!
  • Cooler because I'm your age and I would be on the street before I moved back in with them - LOL :-D
  • Not now Swiss Miss, but you'll be cool again I am sure. Save your money and thank your parents.

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