• Oh yes, absolutely! I have seen it personally in Japan. Gaijin (translated: foreigners) is what the Japanese would call a white guy and he would be treated with respect and with kindness. The Japanese are very hospitable people, however, I've seen, a couple of times, where a white guy in Japan acted foolishly by insulting the Japanese but I believe it is a rare occurrence.
  • As a white American male, I have experinced discrimination in the US. There is a lot of racial tension in many areas of this country. And though I understand the history and background of the reasons, at some point all people need to move on. I've been harrassed about black slavery (but my family background didn't come to the US until the late 1800s), I've been harrassed about taking this country from the Indians (I wasn't here then). I've been to Hawaii and treated as a Howli tourist (though my wife grew up there). At some point we all have to let the past go and move forward.
  • if a white guy were to emigrate to my land now he would be treated with respect but only because we think you have money and may want you to buy something. if a white guy were to emigrate to my land when pancho villa was respect... haha just saying... but, people do get discriminated anywhere?!! even the same race!!! so i dont htik it's because you are white, black, mexican, or latino??? you will always be descriminated...but i guess the answer is...yes...if a white guy were to emigrate to my native land he would be descriminated...
  • native? i'm born here in california. i am a "native" (actually i think the tribes that lived here are somehow related to me too before spain took over and all that...) no but seriously, if a white guy came over to mexico, he'd probably be treated like a tourist, same as i would be since i don't go over there like i know the place or anything. it's mexico. and a lot of mexicans are very very huera (fair skinned) so i don't see it being like 'hey i see a white guy...CHICLE! CHICLE!!" expecting money you know?
  • 1-13-2017 The language most spoken in Hawaii, besides English and Spanish, is Tagalog. That is the native language in The Philippines. That is because Hawaiians didn't want to work in the plantations, so Filipinos were imported to do the work, and now the Hawaiians resent the Filipinos taking over their culture, their heritage, their islands. The Hawaiians want to ship all the Tagalog speakers back where they came from, in spite of their tradition of aloha, even though they still don't want to work the plantations. There is no guess about how a Hawaiian might be treated in The Philippines.
  • Of course not as long as you leave the little girls and boys alone. Do we want to get into the aid workers, so-called Christians, and others who prey on the land and children?
  • Is the whole racial discrimination thing still alive in 2017 from 1987?? It sounds like the same questions and same accusations as in 87... Has nothing been learnt since then to now??

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