• Its not as much allowed as it is an excepted practice. Usually these things are laid out in the open before the marriage takes place. Take my wifes father for instance. He isn't carribian but he is african american. He was seeing three women at the same time. He got both my wifes mom pregnant and another women pregnant at the same time. My wifes mom had a miscarraige but then got pregnant by her father again two years later. 5 years after that he married my wifes older brothers mom but still remained seeing the other women. All the women new that he was seeing other women. He didn't try to hide it but they excepted that of him and decided it was in their best interest to stay with him anyway. All of these women where white too.
  • Not all men from the Caribbean. Puerto Rican men are not allowed to have multiple wives. Though the multiple wives thing is part of their survival as a race, and breeding purposes. If you have multiple wives, the chances of a man spreading his seed are greater then having only one wife. Especially with the fact that some wives can die during labor even with the best of medical care.
  • I would not say allowed, but, if they think they can get away with it, they do. If the women are socialised into accepting this sort of behaviour, it is more likely it will go on. Lysistrata is the word, ladies. (and I am not just talking about Carribbean women...any woman whose man thinks he can do what he likes)

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